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What's New at Victory Lakes Intermediate?

What's New at Clear Creek High School?

Creek’s blood drive Photo by Hayley Johnson     1.20.16   Wildcats, are you looking to tell your thoughts to that very special Valentine of yours? Well now you have the chance to dedicate a special message to your special someone in Creek’s newspaper, the Hilife. In the paper’s centerspread you may have a heart […]
Photo by Hayley Johnson 1.19.17 Attention AP Students The window for students to register for AP Exams will be opening in late February. Regular AP exams will cost $93 each (AP Capstone is $141), but students identified as economically disadvantaged will receive a discounted price. Students must already be identified as eligible to receive free […]
  Girls basketball is having Elementary Night this Friday, game is at 7:00 PM in Carlisle Firldhouse. All Elementary students get a free hotdog and water with free entry to game.
Come see the great work done by Ag students and Mr. Stokley and Ms. Terry every single day.
Buy an ad and spread the love… Name: Grade Level: Message: Size (circle one): $7 – 2.5” x 2.5”       $10 – 3.5” x 3.5”       $20 – 5” x 5”